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Organic Cotton Obvs Skincare Face Cloth.

Organic Cotton Obvs Skincare Face Cloth.

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Dive into Dreamy Softness: The Obvs Organic Cotton Face Cloth.

Imagine this: cradling your face in a cloud of pure luxury. The Obvs Organic Cotton Face Cloth isn't just a washcloth, it's an escape for your senses. We've woven indulgence into every thread, using the softest, combed organic cotton, untouched by harsh chemicals.

More than gentle, it's a touch of everyday bliss. Elevate your skincare ritual to a spa-like experience. Feel the difference of ethical luxury that pampers your skin and your conscience. Because at Obvs, we believe in exceptional quality, without the outrageous price tag.

This isn't just soft, it's substantial. Our facecloths boast a perfect 630 gsm weight for a truly pampering experience. And because we care about the planet as much as your skin, they're GOTS certified, ensuring they're made with the utmost social and environmental responsibility.

Don't just cleanse your face, indulge it. Upgrade your routine with the Obvs Organic Cotton Face Cloth. Now available in Black!

630 gsm - 34cm x 34cm, Face Cloth – White or Black - Organic

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