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Why Men Should Use Obvs Skincare.

My husband (pictured) does not have much of a skincare routine, yet his skin is better than mine! So unfair right?!
I think I figured out why. Apart from my fluctuating hormones which can be a cause of acne, I realised that less is more! The more products I smothered on my face, somehow the worse my skin became! It took years of personal research into skincare ingredients for me to learn that we only need a few basic, natural (obvs organic and vegan) ingredients in our skincare routine. 
With Obvs Skincare, less is certainly more! With around 5 ingredients in each product each specially chosen for a skin benefit (no filler ingredients here!), being oil-based and super concentrated, you do not need lots of different serums, moisturisers, toners and cleansers. Great news for busy (or lazy) men who should use skincare but don't know where to start.
Depending on your skin concern, you may only need 3 skincare products (4 if you have acne/eczema/psoriasis)
For example, acne-prone skin will benefit from -
- Organic Cleanser Fragrance-Free to cleanse and remove impurities 
- Organic Moisturiser - Naked to moisturise and protect
- SPF (Obvs Skincare is working hard to formulate one, in the meantime, I can give recommendations)
- Intensive Skin Recovery Cream dabbed onto affected areas twice a day
With neutral (and natural) packaging, Obvs Skincare cares about your skin (and the planet) regardless of your gender.
Treat the man in your life with an Obvs Skincare Gift set available to buy now.
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