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What Is Vegan Skincare?

A vegan product simply contains zero animal by-products. They don't contribute to cruel practices involved in raising the animals and harvesting them for their by-products.

To clarify, just because a label states it is vegan, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is cruelty-free. In some countries, it’s a legal requirement to test on animals. Here at Obvs Skincare, we do not test on animals and only use cruelty-free ingredients. In fact, we’re Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society certified!

Another thing to be weary of is palm oil. There are many issues surrounding this topic, including the fact that it contributes to deforestation and endangerment of animals on a global scale. Many vegans don’t consume palm oil and avoid it in other products too. I avoid palm oil, as we don’t want to contribute to damaging practices.


Why should I use vegan products?


Vegan skincare is much less likely to irritate the skin thanks to using fewer but higher quality ingredients. Vegan means that no ingredients within the product are made from animals or their by-products. This includes things such as honey and beeswax. Vegan skincare is typically not tested on animals. There are exceptions in certain countries, however, where requirements are different to those of the UK.


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