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What is Greenwashing?

In today's world, it's become more and more important to make environmentally responsible purchases, but it can be difficult to know which brands are truly eco-friendly and which ones are merely pretending to be sustainable. Greenwashing is a marketing strategy used by some companies to deceive consumers into thinking that they're buying natural and eco-friendly products, when in reality, they are not. This strategy is used to boost sales and gain a competitive advantage over genuine natural products, which can be more expensive to produce.
Greenwashing harms both consumers and the environment by spreading false information, allowing unethical companies to continue their unsustainable practices, and eroding consumer trust in truly eco-friendly brands, making it difficult for them to make a meaningful impact. Despite various regulations and institutions that aim to protect customers, the definitions of terms like 'natural', 'clean', and 'green' are not currently regulated by law, making it easier for unethical marketing to occur.
To avoid falling victim to greenwashing, it's important to read product labels carefully. The first five ingredients listed on a cosmetic product label make up the bulk of the product, and at least two of them should be derived from plants. Greenwashed products, on the other hand, will list various synthetic ingredients first, with only a few natural ingredients at the very bottom of the list. 
Another way to ensure that you're buying genuinely eco-friendly products is to look for eco-certifications. To become eco-certified, a product must meet strict requirements and be verified by an independent organization like the Soil Association and COSMOS for natural and organic products, the Leaping Bunny trademark for cruelty-free products, or the Vegan Society. If a company claims that their product is eco-friendly but doesn't display any of these badges, it's likely that they're using greenwashing tactics.
However, it's important to note that small brands may not have official eco-certifications due to the high cost of obtaining and renewing them. Artisan brands are often run by people with a passion for sustainability and a strong ethos, and they value transparency and customer trust.
It's also essential to be aware of branding tricks. Just because a product has green, earthy colours or images of plants on the packaging doesn't mean that it's natural or sustainable. Buzzwords like '99% naturally derived', '100% recyclable', 'clean beauty', and 'made with natural ingredients' can also be misleading. For example, petroleum is naturally derived, and palm oil, while natural, is not sustainable.
To make more informed choices, it's important to ask questions and seek transparency from the companies you're considering buying from. Trustworthy brands will disclose information about their product ingredients, packaging, supply chain, and manufacturing processes on their websites and back it up with verifiable evidence. If a company is not forthcoming with this information, it's best to be sceptical.
In conclusion, it's crucial to avoid supporting companies that intentionally engage in greenwashing. By being conscientious shoppers and choosing environmentally friendly products, we can hold these companies accountable and do our part to protect the planet.
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