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What is Biodegradable Packaging?

What is Biodegradable Packaging?

Packaging has a huge impact on the environment. Often, it results in overfilled landfill sites and excess waste.

However, opting for biodegradable packaging can turn this around.

Biodegradable refers to the ability of materials to break down and return to nature. For packaging to qualify as biodegradable, it must completely break down and decompose back to natural elements within a short time after disposal.

This prevents them from remaining in landfill sites for years to come. We’re sure that by now you’ve heard that plastic stays in landfills for 100s of years, which is one of the main factors on why waste is becoming a massive crisis.

Here at Obvs Skincare, we want to do our part for the planet. Our incredible organic full size products come in sturdy cardboard packaging which is lined with cork. Once you are finished with the product, simply pop it in the bin/garden/compost heap and you’re good to go. We do not leave a mark on the planet, even our seeded “Thank you” cards turn into beautiful wildflowers to feed our Bees and Butterflies!

There are major benefits to the environment when it comes to using biodegradable alternatives. During the production process, less water and energy are used and fewer emissions are produced. Over time, the accumulated savings will bode well for businesses as well as the consumer. Using less electricity and water means that manufacturing the packaging will become cheaper, cutting the costs of the end product.

Not only will it reduce waste, but it’ll feed the Earth with life-promoting nutrients for more sustainable resources to grow one day.

At the end of the day, making small changes in your life can make huge differences. By switching to sustainable brands where possible, you will decrease the amount of waste you send to landfill.



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