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What Does It Mean To Be a Sustainable Brand?

There’s a pretty extensive list of factors that define if a brand is sustainable or not. But what exactly does sustainability actually mean? Let’s find out!


Understanding Sustainability

Sustainability means to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This relates to natural resources and also social and economic issues too. By avoiding the depletion of natural resources, an ecological balance can be maintained for many years to come.

However, due to over-consumption, there’s been a surge in demand for products that use Earth’s limited resources. Sustainability is so important for the simple fact that we and future generations will need these exact resources to live. Due to many of our resources being finite, they’ll one day run out which is why sustainability is key for environmental protection.

Many are doing what they can to make changes to their lifestyles.

If making huge changes seems daunting, then take small steps to help transform your life. This is where skincare can come into play. 

Skincare & Sustainability

For skincare to be sustainable and ethical, it needs to fit certain criteria i.e.:  

  • Products must be non-toxic  
  • Cruelty-free  
  • Palm oil-free  
  • Ethically sourced  
  • Be conscientiously packaged

When looking for sustainable brands, it’s essential to take a look at where their ingredients are sourced, whether they’re cruelty-free, and how they package their products.

Palm oil is a major problem. It contributes to deforestation and animal endangerment on a global scale. This is a single ingredient responsible for the devastation of thousands of hectares of rain forests and land across the globe.

Non-toxic also means that the product will be organic. Non-toxic products avoid GMOs, artificial fertilisers and herbicides, as well as other man-made chemicals that affect soil health.

 For a greater crop yield, farmers give the crops a generous dose of these substances to prevent other animals eating them and to help them grow quicker. Soil and waterways are severely affected due to inorganic substances being doused in harsh chemicals. The damage doesn’t end here though. After the crops have been harvested and formulated into products, those same chemicals will be re-released once they go down the plughole creating a never-ending cycle. 

As we’re committed to being a sustainable business, we ethically source all of our ingredients. This means that we always put a huge amount of thought into where each ingredient is grown, harvested, and exported. We also like to ensure everyone within this process is paid a fair wage.

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