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The Obvs Skincare Eco-Friendly Packaging Revolution!

At Obvs Skincare, we take immense pride in pioneering change as the first Soil Association COSMOS Organic & Vegan Society Certified brand to unveil our revolutionary, 100% biodegradable packaging. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Our packaging is not only innovative but also environmentally friendly, as it's plant-based and entirely devoid of microplastics.


The Challenge of Plastic Waste

Every year, an overwhelming excess of 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced. The demand for sturdy and functional products necessitates a significant amount of plastic usage. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of the plastic we employ ends up in unfavourable places. The breakdown of this plastic leads to the creation of microplastics, which pose immense challenges to ecosystems and human well-being. To combat the impending plastic crisis, it's imperative that we collectively adopt practices such as reduced plastic consumption, enhanced recycling methods, increased reuse, and the adoption of alternative sustainable materials.


Our Packaging Advancements -

A Pioneering Step: No Permanent Microplastics

Our packaging doesn't leave any lasting trace of microplastics behind. In fact, it is designed to be completely digestible by naturally occurring microorganisms, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Sustainability at Its Core: Responsibly Sourced

Crafted from responsibly sourced, sustainable raw materials, our packaging is a testament to our dedication to the planet. We prioritise utilising feedstock from industrial and agricultural side streams, minimising waste, and maximising sustainability.

Safety Guaranteed: People and Planet-Friendly

Our packaging is carefully formulated to have no adverse effects on aquatic organisms and the environment in the long run. We hold ourselves accountable for creating products that align with the well-being of both people and the planet.

Walking Lightly: Low Carbon Footprint

By embracing eco-design principles and employing climate-conscious raw materials and manufacturing techniques, our packaging leaves a minimal carbon footprint. We are committed to making environmentally conscious choices every step of the way.

Proven Excellence: Independently Tested and Certified

The authenticity of our packaging has been verified by esteemed independent testing facilities like OWS, recognised by certification bodies worldwide. The Seedling certificate, a third-party validation for industrial composability, further affirms the credibility of our innovative packaging.

Witness the Future: Experience Biodegradation

Curious about how our packaging transforms over time? Witness the fascinating biodegradation process by clicking here.


Once you've finished using your Obvs Skincare Plant Based Pot (and if you can't repurpose it), you can easily place it in your home compost or regular bin, where it will naturally biodegrade, much like a piece of wood would.


Obvs Skincare's eco-friendly packaging is not just a step forward; it's a leap into a more sustainable future. Join us on this journey towards responsible beauty and a healthier planet.

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