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The Eco-Conscious Alternative to Petroleum Jelly.

I am fully committed to creating skincare that not only works, but also minimises the impact on the planet. The more knowledge I have gained through research and creating new products, has made me reassess all the ingredients I put on my skin. I find myself looking at all the labels on the back of the items I have in my makeup bag and bathroom cabinet.


The first ‘everyday essential’ under my scrutiny was petroleum jelly. From a sustainability perspective I was horrified, made from crude oil, petroleum jelly is not only a non-renewable resource, it has to go through a long refining process before it is deemed suitable for us to apply to our skin. It is a by-product of the fuel industry and was found by chance in 1859 when oil workers wiped the grease from the machinery onto their skin. Even though it is called petroleum jelly, I don’t think I ever really thought of it as petrol that I was slavering over my lips.


I committed to researching ways to create a petroleum jelly alternative so I could provide a solution to those looking for a more sustainable option, that was natural and safe to use. In the process I have created a balm that not only acts as a barrier but also provides moisture to soothe dry skin. Perfect for anti chafing and minimising soreness and dryness, to your lips, nips and dry bits. This is because, unlike petroleum jelly, the ingredients in my balm such as the unrefined organic shea butter, act as a non-comedogenic barrier that when teamed with the organic safflower oil, provides a non greasy layer that doesn’t clog your pores and leaves the skin moisturised.


I pride myself on only using high quality, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients in my Organic Balm and across the whole Obvs range. I am so excited to launch this new product, I hope it provides the perfect alternative to petroleum jelly, for those looking to make eco conscious changes.

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