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Meet Charlotte: Obvs Skincare's Digital Dynamo

Hey Obvs Fam! Today, let's dive into the quirky universe of Charlotte, the mastermind behind Obvs Skincare's digital magic. 🌟

Social Media Maverick

Charlotte doesn't just do social media; she lives and breathes it. Crafting content isn't a job for her; it's a full-on love affair. From epic posts to dropping wisdom, Charlotte knows how to make our online presence sizzle.

Fitness Fanatic and Chief Motivator

When she's not conquering the digital realm, Charlotte is a gym guru. Check her TikTok and Instagram for a burst of motivation that could make even a couch potato contemplate a workout. She's not just sculpting her own fitness empire; she's on a mission to drag us all along for the ride. 

Gen Z Vibes and Lab Soundtracks

Charlotte proudly reps her Gen Z status, and poor Sian gets a daily reminder. No, Sian, you're not Gen Z cool! Yet, amidst the banter, Charlotte gracefully endures Sian's lab soundtrack – a musical rollercoaster that's as eclectic as it is unpredictable.

From "Chick" to Digital Dynamo

Back in the day, Charlotte rocked the nickname "Chick" thanks to her adorable chicken legs she had when she was a kid. Fast forward, and she's evolved from a cute chick to a digital genius, effortlessly navigating the online maze.

Dreams on Wheels and a Sidekick Named Raven

Charlotte is a car enthusiast who dreams of owning a pink BMW M4. She also has an adorable German Shepard named Raven.

At Obvs Skincare, we're blessed to have Charlotte injecting creativity, humour, and a unique vibe into our team. Cheers to you, Charlotte, and a gentle reminder to Sian: it's okay to let the millennial shine… sometimes! 🚀✨

 You can follow Charlottes motivational fitness journey @charlotte_fitness

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