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How to help prevent eczema from flaring up in the winter.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the transition into the colder months:

• Keep all the rooms in your home at a regular temperature (18°C is ideal) and wear thin layers that you can slowly build up or remove as you acclimatise to your surroundings. Avoid wool 👕

• Central heating may keep us warm and snug but it also strips moisture from the air. Placing a bowl of water near radiators can help to offset this drying effect and minimise the impact on your skin. Equally, it’s important not to sit too close to a heat source and to ensure instead that the whole room is warm, supplementing this with additional clothing or blankets as required. 🔥

• While it’s tempting to keep windows closed during the autumn/winter months to keep the heat in, failing to air rooms properly means that house dust mites – whose droppings are a common trigger for those with eczema – have the perfect conditions in which to thrive. Inadequate ventilation can also lead to the growth of mould in kitchens and bathrooms which, again, can trigger an eczema flare. Throw your windows open daily and give your home a blast of fresh air! 🪟

• Apply a topical cream such as the Obvs Skincare Organic Intensive Skin Recovery Cream to sore or itchy areas as and when required. Morning and night is recommended. Avoid synthetic skincare ingredients such as "fragrance", Lanolin, Urea and Ethanol as these can irritate and may develop an allergy.

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