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Hormone Fluctuations, Acne, and Scientific Solutions: Exploring Puberty, Menstruation, and Skincare


Acne, a prevalent skin condition, often emerges as a consequence of intricate biological processes. Among these, the role of hormone fluctuations during puberty and menstruation stands out as a significant factor. This blog aims to delve into the scientific nuances of how hormone imbalances during these phases can trigger acne development. Additionally, we'll explore the potential benefits of Obvs Skincare's Intensive Skin Recovery Cream, fortified with a high percentage of zinc oxide. Furthermore, we'll uncover why oil-based skincare holds promise for effectively managing oily skin.

Hormones, Puberty, and Acne: A Complex Interaction

Puberty, a transformative phase in an individual's life, is characterised by an upsurge in hormone levels. Androgens, specifically testosterone, become more active during this period, stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce sebum, an essential skin lubricant. However, excessive androgens can tip the balance, leading to an overproduction of sebum. The culmination of sebum excess and increased shedding of skin cells obstructs hair follicles, resulting in comedone formation—the precursor to acne. The inflammation that ensues contributes to the development of various acne lesions.

Menstruation and Acne: Hormone Dynamics at Play

In the realm of menstruation, hormone fluctuations also play a crucial role in acne occurrence. The menstrual cycle involves intricate orchestration of hormones, with progesterone's prominence increasing post-ovulation. Elevated progesterone levels influence sebum composition and production, making the skin more prone to clogging. As menstruation approaches, oestrogen levels decline, leading to an imbalance between these two hormones. This imbalance can exacerbate sebum-related issues, fostering an environment conducive to acne development.

Obvs Skincare's Intensive Skin Recovery Cream: The Zinc Oxide Advantage

Zinc oxide, a revered mineral compound, possesses attributes that align with acne management. With its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and sebum-regulating properties, zinc oxide serves as a potential ally. Obvs Skincare's Intensive Skin Recovery Cream, enriched with a substantial percentage of zinc oxide, holds promise in curbing inflammation, mitigating microbial activity, and moderating sebum production. By targeting these core acne-contributing factors, the cream potentially offers a holistic approach to reducing acne severity and recurrence.

Oil-Based Skincare for Oily Skin: A Paradigm Shift

Conventional wisdom warns against oil-based skincare for oily skin, yet recent scientific perspectives propose a paradigm shift. Stripping the skin of its natural oils can paradoxically trigger sebaceous glands to produce more sebum—a counterproductive outcome. Oil-based skincare, on the other hand, functions in harmony with the skin's lipid balance. Non-comedogenic plant oils, rich in essential fatty acids, signal the skin that it's adequately hydrated, potentially curbing excess sebum production.


The intricate interplay between hormone fluctuations, puberty, menstruation, and acne provides a captivating insight into the complex world of skin health. Scientific progress offers solutions like Obvs Skincare's Intensive Skin Recovery Cream, harnessed with the potential of zinc oxide, to counteract inflammation and sebum imbalance. Embracing the unconventional notion of oil-based skincare for oily skin may hold the key to achieving a balanced complexion. Armed with these scientific insights, individuals can embark on a journey towards effective acne management and healthier skin.


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