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Essential Items for a Sustainable Festival Experience

Attending a Festival? Here's Your Essential Sustainable Packing Checklist

Festival Ticket: Securely pack your ticket to avoid any last-minute nightmares.

Bank Cards and Cash: Carry some cash in case card payments aren't available.

Tent: Invest in a durable, weatherproof tent and practice setting it up at home.

Sleeping Bag: Stay warm with a reliable sleeping bag that wicks away moisture.

Self-Inflating Roll Mat: Opt for a lightweight roll mat that inflates on its own.

Proper Rucksack: Choose a sturdy backpack to comfortably carry your gear.

Reusable Water Bottles: Stay hydrated and eco-friendly with reusable bottles. Most festivals have refilling stations and have banned single use plastic bottles.

Sturdy Trolley: Consider bringing a trolley to transport your belongings.

Camping Chair: Ensure comfortable seating with a quality camping chair.

ID/Proof of Age: Bring identification for age-restricted purchases.

Footwear: Opt for walking boots and pack wellies if needed. No one will be looking at your feet! Stay comfy.

Clothing: Pack enough underwear, jeans, shorts, and tops for the duration of the festival. Consider a bum bag or money belt if you lack pockets. Don't forget a waterproof coat, jumpers or hoodies for cooler nights, a hat, and sunglasses.

Gadgets and Technology: Bring a power bank with sufficient capacity to keep your phone charged throughout the festival. Consider taking a spare smartphone or cheap "dumbphone" if needed. Carry a torch or lantern for navigating in the dark.

Toiletries and Hygiene: Pack washable items (no disposable wipes – even biodegradable ones). Even biodegradable wipes can quickly break up into microplastics. Some festivals ask that you don’t even bring plant-based wipes as they still give off greenhouse gases when they break down. Bring a small towel or washcloth instead and essential toiletries. Don't forget essentials like suncream, bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet roll, deodorant, hand sanitiser, a plant-based pot of Intensive Skin Recovery Cream for any scratches or insect bites/stings and a basic first aid kit.

Miscellaneous Items: Duct tape for any repairs (saving you buying another tent), reusable carrier bags, blankets, and earplugs can be useful.

Remember to avoid non-biodegradable glitter, disposable wipes, and glass items to protect the environment. Enjoy your festival while minimizing your impact! Do not take anything you can’t take home again!

A note on non-biodegradable glitter

Glitter is really bad for the environment. It’s a microplastic, just like those beads they had in shower gel until it got banned. Plant-based alternatives are available, but some of these are still harmful to the festival environment, so buy carefully, if at all.


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