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Pamper Your Pooch With Organic and Vegan Skincare

If, like us, you consider your furry friend as a beloved family member and want nothing but the best for them, then you'll be delighted to know that we've created the perfect solution to enhance their wellbeing and pamper them like royalty! Introducing our exquisite Organic Natural Sea Salt Soap for Dogs and Organic Balm for Dogs, designed to provide the ultimate bathing experience and pampering routine for your canine companion (or feline friend)! These carefully crafted, natural and organic products have been formulated to soothe, nourish, and protect your pet's skin, keeping them healthy and happy.

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'I love using this on them it’s so easy to run over them and lathers up really well. Skye is suffering with her skin after a few washes is seems to be settling slightly so fingers crossed obvs skincare is working it’s magic for us again! Misty is also an itchy dog so hopefully this will help her. They all look so shiny once they are dry too. Loving the pet products.'


Jess Murphy - Organic Soap for Dogs